My name is Raffaella Caldera and I was born in Busto Arsizio under the sign of the Lion on July 24, 1975. My family it is a family dedicated to work, accustomed to sacrifice and simple things. Carlo was my paternal grandfather and is one of the best people I have ever known. He has always been a carpenter using quality as a distinctive element of his work. I spent every spare moment with him and liase with him dealing with customers. He was very patient, precise and meticulous; respected by everyone because he was a good person and because his job was really well done. My father Gerolamo, on the other hand, with so much passion and sacrifices began the activity of mechanic building a workshop that grew over time.
After school, I decided to go to dad’s workshop. It was great experience to learn how important to put quality and passion into your work , to understand professionalism. From my grandfather Carlo I learned how to deal with customers and pay attention to details. From my father Gerolamo – how passion is crucial to the success of anything you do. Now it’s my turn. And I came up with “Cara”.
In 2017 my beloved dog Kiki passed away. I missed her deeply and decided to adopt a new puppy which I called Cash.
I love to bring my dog everywhere with me, even when I’m working and meeting customers. I looked for a perfect bag that not only looks stylish and fits a notepad, a phone, a purse, make up but it also fits my little dog. I found that there are only carriers or dog bags. I wanted all in one. So I decide to design it and make it according to my needs and my taste. That’s how “Bag for Two” was born.

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