The principles behind our work

When I thought about the name to give to my project I was looking for something short that immediately could be associated with my passion for dogs. This is how the idea of “CARA”, that means „DEAR“, took shape in the sense of affection. Since it deals with one of my dearest affections, my little dog. Ultimately I tried to add something that identify me, my first and last name. This is how Caldera Raffaella’s “CARA“ brand was born.

A niche but independent brand that wants to follow its inspiration while also going against the tide.

Each individual, with his uniqueness , is a precious coin in which 2 sides coexist: being a follower and an influencer. Unfortunately, it happens to unknowingly abdicate one’s legitimate role as influencer.

The starting point is a special predilection for the pet, the desire to create a segment of bags that combines high fashion with the world of pets.

This concept is translated into the creation of an iconic model called a “bag for two” and the use of details that refer to the pet animal and its accessories as if to underline an extreme connection between the 2 worlds.

But values such as elegance, quality, exclusivity and creativity don’t end in this innovative line but are enriched with precious creations for the evening that aim to seduce with style.


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