The principles behind our work

When I thought about the name to give to my project I was looking for something short that immediately could be associated with my passion for dogs. This is how the idea of “CARA”, that means „DEAR“, took shape in the sense of affection. Since it deals with one of my dearest affections, my little dog. Ultimately I tried to add something that identify me, my first and last name. This is how Caldera Raffaella’s “CARA“ brand was born.

There are also 3 guide elements that have “triggered” and directed my path:

NECESSITY: Being able to bring your pet on long journeys and not leaving him at home alone all day. Your pet can have healthy,stress-free life.
BEAUTY: As Stendhal said “Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness.”Ladies will certainly love the design and the idea of my creation.
FUNCTIONAL AND USEFUL: This bag is not only beautiful but desirable by many. Its amazing accessorie to have with or without your hairly friend. Its multifunctional,elegant,stylish and luxurious.


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